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From The Ashes

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From The Ashes is a transformative memoir on finding freedom and redemption after experiencing the dark web of drug addiction, sex trafficking, and the commercial sex industry. This is a story about God’s relentless pursuit of Ashley, his healing power, and how he led her out in order to help others who are still trapped. From The Ashes exposes the tactics and recruitment techniques of abusers, explains the vulnerabilities of victims and the lasting effects of trauma on the brain. This book will teach its readers about all that truly encompasses the hidden world of sexual exploitation. A story of captivity to freedom. From scandal to second chance.

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A note from the author:

Thank you for your purchase. Your order not only supported my dream of writing a book but the dream that human trafficking can one day be eradicated. That first begins with education. I pray my book becomes an educational tool for all who read it.